T h r e e   S o u n d   T r a c k s
spring 2011

Ollivier Coupille

Several oscillators are interconnected inside an electronic device [apparatus] that is constantly evolving:
new elements merge with the ongoing flow of sounds, overlaying, masking and interlacing them in ever changing combinations.
The relations between the various elements are always provisional. The end of one track is often the beginning of another track.
The first track of this CD is recorded in one go, whilst the other two interweave several tracks during the performance.

1) Track of 10 April (22'10")

2) Interlacing of 13 April (12'54")

3) Interlacing of 17 April (21'11")

Ce CD est disponible chez METAMKINE et le disquaire SOUFFLE CONTINU



T h r e e  T r a c k s

Ollivier Coupille

In the first CD entitled “Three Tracks” the idea was to bring together some tracks, just as they were, with the bare minimum of editing. But I soon realized that only one of the tracks I had selected was suitable, so I added two “Interlacings” to the “April 10th Track.”

For this new edition I have added two additional bands to complete the project.

The sound material comes exclusively from several oscillators whose wave forms are modulated by recordings of natural sounds. The resulting motifs are filtered and staggered in the course of the performance… Inside the dispositif, circuits overlap and sometimes the more recent parts mask older parts or, on the contrary, prolong them. Certain branches are abandoned only to surge up later; others branch off in new directions. The relations between the diverse elements, as well as the connections between them, are always provisional. The end of a track is often the beginning of another.

(Traduction Michael Cull)

ce CD est disponible :
chez ART INTO LIFE au Japon
et chez OMEGA POINT à Tokyo



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